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Balloting stops on 29th of May, 2014 by 12midnight

  1. Student MUST be a prospective final year student of the University of Calabar to ballot.
  2. Students' name and registration number MUST be among those sent in to students affairs by the department.
  3. Go to, click on Hostel->Ballot Application menu and fill out correctly the ballot application form, confirm the details you have entered before you proceed to ballot
  4. Please take note of your ballot number displayed on the page (you will need it to check your ballot status)
  5. After you have balloted, go to check ballot status to know if you were successful or not
  6. Please note if you are told by the system "not eligible", that means your name is not on the list sent by your department or your department didn't send list of prospective final year students at all
  7. Thanks and all the best


Carefully read the following Instructions before you proceed

  1. This application is eligible to only Students running NUC programmes.
  2. Those qualified students for accommodation are Year One, Final year and Medical students (year2-6). Do NOT use this application if you have an extra year in school.
  3. While filling this application, the spaces marked asterix(*) is compulsory also take note of your application number at the top left corner of the application page. You will need it whenever you need to log in next time.
  4. If you were successful for accommodation and do not make both school charges payment and hostel accommodation payment within one week, you will forfeit your space automatically

For further inquiries call 08099911042
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